Thursday, June 2, 2011


What an amazing shoot today with photographer Caesar Lima and the Jafra Cosmetics staff. I'm sharing a couple of behind the scenes pics that were taken on iPhones, blackberry's and some by our bts photog. Laura Oakley. The shoot was so truly amazing we just couldn't help but get our own documentation of the process. Caesar was soooo in his happy place all day with camera in hand that I don't even think he had the chance to eat one of the best brownies on earth! Our model was the gorgeous Ashley A. from L.A. Models. A true Southern Belle with a heart of Gold (to say the least ).The always amazing Manuel was on hair duty. Annie, our wardrobe stylist put together some striking looks! Kevin took behind the scenes video which I'm sure will ROCK! Felipe and Tiffany always there to risk the chance of electrocution with the lighting and blown fuses, etc...( all the techy stuff). I do not envy the creatives at Jafra that have to go through well over 1000 impeccable images only to select maybe a handful. All in all , a fabulous day with the dream team ; ). Did I mention I designed the makeup look?
Peace : )

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

True Blood SHE-WOLF Brit Morgan

     The makeup look I designed for Brit's "Wild for Wolve's" Issue for Troix Magazine was one that would translate into a raw organic beastly beauty that would mesh with the natural surroundings in the wilderness.   The goal was for her to become one with her environment.

     To do this , I wanted to give her a rich beautiful base. I warmed up her features with a foundation that included a  blend of  SB Airbrush 003 (Ivory) and 005 (pure beige).  I didn't want her to get completely lost in the wild so i made sure to contour her nose on the sides and tip using a teeny tiny bit of S/B Airbrush 007 (Golden Honey).  I also used 007 to contour her cheekbones from the middle of her ear to about 1/4 of the way down along her cheek...  and also along her jawline.  This base was essential so she wouldn't get lost in her fur!!  I used a mixture of copper and brown eyeshadows from Mac as well as some "Gingerly" blush on her cheeks from Mac.  I used Creme D'Nude from Mac on her lips. For an extra pop of warmth on her face, I finished with a quick dusting of MAC's Mineralize Skin Finish Natural. We ended up with some AMAZING photos!! You can see the entire shoot at 

Photos: Lesley Bryce
Makeup: Veronica Hernandez
Hair: John Blaine
Wardrobe: Josh Seth


Monday, April 18, 2011

Keana Texeira

Recently I did makeup and hair on my favorite pop star Keana Texeira for her shoot with celebrity photographer Kristian Dowling.
For this shoot we stepped out of our comfort zone and really went wild with the hair in "the runaway bride" shots. We went for soft waves and a camouflaged eye for the tree shots.  Both looks suited Keana perfectly as she brought attitude, sass, and magic to each shot.

Wardrobe provided by J. Gerard and Antoinette Newhouse.

VIsit this link to see a behind the scenes video of the shoot

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Get Angela's look

To get Angela's flawless look, I always start off with a spritz (or 3) Mario Badescu's Rose Water. For some reason, rose water always creates a great mood and a perfect start to any beauty routine. It kinda just makes you go ahhhhhhhhhhhh! Now the breakdown : I used the Temptu s/b concealer wheel to cover the dark under her eyes and to cover up any red spots. I then mixed Temptu's s/b airbrush foundation 004 and 001 as her base. I also used s/b pink pearl to highlight her cheekbones. I set it using Smashbox Photo Set Finishing Powder w SPF15 and a bit of Laura Merciers Secret Brightening Powder under her eyes. I used shadester from Mac to contour around her face. On her eyelids I used Era from MAC and Makeup Forever #122 along the crease and i highlighted her brow bone with Vanilla from MAC. On her lips I used Cleo Red by Le Femme.

To View the entire spread, click on the image.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Go get your drool bucket!

Visit my most recent spread for Troix Magazine featuring Chad Murray !!

Thursday, February 10, 2011


She walked in hungry for a chance. Brand new to Los Angeles. She traveled as a gogo dancer in high end night clubs around the world.  I shared my crackers with her. We talked and we became friends......Then I shaved her head and painted her face.  This amazing girl is a true beauty inside and out.  Meet Guetcha.

Model: Guetcha Tondreau
Photography: Caesar Lima
Make up: Veronica Hernandez 
Photo assistant: Daniela Berzuini
and Tiffany Wardzinski
Imaging by Felipe Silva - Pixelpasta
Jewelry by Claudia Endler

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sneak peak of what's to come in Troix Magazines February issue.

I just wanted to share a tiny bit of what's to come in Troix Magazine's February issue. This is me doing Analeigh Tipton's makeup. Analeigh made it to the top three in Americas Next Top Model Cycle 11 and she also has 2 movies due to be released this summer.  I cant wait to share this spread !