Saturday, November 17, 2012

Tinsel Korey's Black Carpet Makeup Look for Breaking Dawn 2 Premier in Los Angeles, CA

     Hi everyone. I've had an overwhelming positive response on Tinsel's makeup that I figured I should give you a breakdown on her Breaking Dawn 2 movie premier look. For the premier, we decided to go for a fresh look. We did this by using a palette of pretty pinks, peaches and corals. Because she was wearing a gorgeous bright white Max Azria gown, we had to make sure she had just the right amount of color so that she wouldn't appear washed out. 
      Tinsel is a naturally bronzed beauty with an amazing complexion that too much color would have made her look unnatural and overdone, which was a look we weren't going for! We wanted a more natural and luminous look that was good for the skin and would hydrate it as well. As a base, we decided to use a personal favorite of mine, YOUNGBLOOD'S liquid mineral foundation in "Golden Tan". As a professional Makeup Artist ,I'm not married to a certain brand... I use many different ones depending on the specific needs of my client. The fun was going to be in creating a look to play up her amazing features with splashes of color in the right places.
Following was my process:
1. I always start the process with a couple spritz's of rose water to tone,hydrate and prep the skin for makeup application.
2. I used YOUNGBLOOD'S mineral primer under YOUNGBLOOD'S liquid mineral foundation in "Golden Tan"
3. I set the makeup with YOUNGBLOOD'S mineral rice setting powder in Medium.
4. Before I start the eye process I like to dab on LAURA MERCIER'S "Secret Brightening powder #2" under the eyes and above the cheeks. After I finish the eyes I feather brush it away leaving a beautiful highlight. For the eyes I used a coral shade from MAKEUP FOREVER as the base on her lid, blended with a bit of pink and then a tad of the mauve on the crease of her eye. I used the lightest pink on her brow bone for highlight and in the inner part of her eye (closest to her nose ) I then lined the upper lash line with MAKEUP FOREVER's waterproof "Aqua Black". I lined from the outer eye inward moving from a thick to barely there line toward the inner eye. I blended the line so it was soft. Tinsel is not a fan of color under her eyes so we finished off her eyes with MAKEUP FOREVER's aqua eyes eye liner in "Champagne" under her lower lashes and in the inner part of her eyes ( nearest the nose).
5. Next I contoured a bit around her face using the darkest color in YOUNGBLOOD'S Mineral Radiance "Sundance" palette.
6. Finally I used a blend of peach and pink from YOUNGBLOOD'S Mineral Radiance "Splendor" palette starting on the apples of her cheeks and up towards her ears I used the lightest color of this palette for highlighting her cheeks and other areas.
7. The final touch was the lipstick. She wore an amazing color from MAKEUP FOREVER'S Rouge Artist Natural collection in N38 "Diamond Coral" I'm in love with this shade!!! It made her entire look come alive with the intense shimmer and sparkle of the soft pink/coral tone.
For the most part, this was the beauty process. I forgot to mention eyebrows and lashes... But that's a given right?? Tinsel actually gave me an amazing tip. For her brows, I used a blonde pencil on her brows for a more natural look!! Who knew??? Blonde on a brunette !!! I also did her hair, but that's a whole other enchilada!!!!! An amazing enchilada of course!!!!!
Thank you for reading ; )

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Keana's summer look

I have had an overwhelming amount of inquiries about getting Keana's summer look. This bronzed beauty look makes a great daytime look and can easily transform into an exotic beachy nighttime look too. Ready???? I'm gonna dish how you can achieve this look using one ( okay, maybe 3) key products.

This is my process:

1. I always prep the face before makeup with a couple spritz's of Mario Badescu's rose water.

2. I conceal under the eye using Temptu's S/B concealer wheel in a shade lighter than Keana's.

3. I mixed Temptu's #2 and #7 s/b airbrush foundation and applied it by hand using a foundation brush. Set with a translucent powder.

4. My Key product is the Sundance color wheel from Youngblood cosmetics. I take the darkest brown and shade in the hollows of her cheeks, moving up towards her temples and shading the sides of her forehead (make sure you blend well). I then take the apricot color and apply to the apples of her cheeks. (just smile and wherever your cheeks pop out...that's the apple). I then take one of the lighter colors and dust above her apples and up toward her temples. This is what gives the vibrant glow. I also dusted the light color down the bridge of her nose and above her brows ( not too much... Use a fan brush for this).

5. For the eyes I always prime with MAC's paint pot. I used "Painterly" on Keana. Above painterly i used the Sundance color wheel again. This time though, I used the color in the middle of the wheel as her eyeshadow base ( just brush over the lid, but leave the brow bone alone). Along the crease, I used the darkest color again and shaded the heck out of her eyes!!!!! I also darkened it even more using a medium brown shadow on the outer part of her eyelid... closest to her temples (any medium brown shadow will do). The same medium brown is used for her lower lash line as well. Use the lightest color on the wheel and dust on her brow bone. Use the same light color on the wheel to shade the inner corners of the eye as well. I finish with a thin line of liquid liner across the top, some mascara, groom the brows, slap on some lipgloss and WALLAH!!!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Troian Bellisario's Bohemian Look

Beauty breakdown for Troian Bellisario aka Spencer from ABC Family's "Pretty Little Liar's"
This was one of the funnest shoots ever !! First thing we did was talk about the feeling we were trying to convey. After taking a look at wardrobe and talking to the hair dept, it was clear that this was going to be a chill and relaxed shoot. We wanted to keep it earthy and organic with a touch of grunge.

Prepping the face:

1. I always start with a spritz or 3 of Mario Badescu's rose water. I've been using it for years. It's relaxing, gentle and moisturizing.
2. Conceal under the eyes and anywhere else that needs it (avoiding the eye lids). I used Temptu's concealer wheel. On the eyelids I like to use Mac's paint pots as a primer for eyeshadow. I used the color "Painterly" on Troian.
3. Apply your foundation base. I used Temptu's SB Foundation applied with a foundation brush.
4. Set with a loose translucent powder. I used Makeup Forever's HD powder.

We now have a beautiful clean palette ready to shade and sculpt.


I brushed a nude creamy colored matte eyeshadow all over her lid, I then used a soft matte brown along her crease, making sure to blend real well where both colors met. I lined her lash line with a dark brown pencil liner and smudged it immediately. I did the same for under her eye. I applied the same shadow as her crease over the smudged liner on the bottom of her eye to give her a little more grunge. To give her a little sparkle, I used a little nude shimmer powder on the inner part of her lash lines on top and bottom. I toyed with the idea of lashes, but in the end we decided to ditch the lashes and just use mascara on Troians already beautiful natural lashes.


A little pinch of red blush goes a loooong way!!! Just a dab on the apples of her cheeks.


Good ole chapped stick! Any kind will do. I used Dr. Dobbs in Tangerine.

I finished off her look by dusting a bit of bronzer along her temples down the sides of her face stopping at her cheeks.

Photo: Lesley Bryce for Troix Magazine
Makeup by Veronica
Hair by Crystal Boyce
Wardrobe by Karen Raphael