Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Keana's summer look

I have had an overwhelming amount of inquiries about getting Keana's summer look. This bronzed beauty look makes a great daytime look and can easily transform into an exotic beachy nighttime look too. Ready???? I'm gonna dish how you can achieve this look using one ( okay, maybe 3) key products.

This is my process:

1. I always prep the face before makeup with a couple spritz's of Mario Badescu's rose water.

2. I conceal under the eye using Temptu's S/B concealer wheel in a shade lighter than Keana's.

3. I mixed Temptu's #2 and #7 s/b airbrush foundation and applied it by hand using a foundation brush. Set with a translucent powder.

4. My Key product is the Sundance color wheel from Youngblood cosmetics. I take the darkest brown and shade in the hollows of her cheeks, moving up towards her temples and shading the sides of her forehead (make sure you blend well). I then take the apricot color and apply to the apples of her cheeks. (just smile and wherever your cheeks pop out...that's the apple). I then take one of the lighter colors and dust above her apples and up toward her temples. This is what gives the vibrant glow. I also dusted the light color down the bridge of her nose and above her brows ( not too much... Use a fan brush for this).

5. For the eyes I always prime with MAC's paint pot. I used "Painterly" on Keana. Above painterly i used the Sundance color wheel again. This time though, I used the color in the middle of the wheel as her eyeshadow base ( just brush over the lid, but leave the brow bone alone). Along the crease, I used the darkest color again and shaded the heck out of her eyes!!!!! I also darkened it even more using a medium brown shadow on the outer part of her eyelid... closest to her temples (any medium brown shadow will do). The same medium brown is used for her lower lash line as well. Use the lightest color on the wheel and dust on her brow bone. Use the same light color on the wheel to shade the inner corners of the eye as well. I finish with a thin line of liquid liner across the top, some mascara, groom the brows, slap on some lipgloss and WALLAH!!!

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