Thursday, June 2, 2011


What an amazing shoot today with photographer Caesar Lima and the Jafra Cosmetics staff. I'm sharing a couple of behind the scenes pics that were taken on iPhones, blackberry's and some by our bts photog. Laura Oakley. The shoot was so truly amazing we just couldn't help but get our own documentation of the process. Caesar was soooo in his happy place all day with camera in hand that I don't even think he had the chance to eat one of the best brownies on earth! Our model was the gorgeous Ashley A. from L.A. Models. A true Southern Belle with a heart of Gold (to say the least ).The always amazing Manuel was on hair duty. Annie, our wardrobe stylist put together some striking looks! Kevin took behind the scenes video which I'm sure will ROCK! Felipe and Tiffany always there to risk the chance of electrocution with the lighting and blown fuses, etc...( all the techy stuff). I do not envy the creatives at Jafra that have to go through well over 1000 impeccable images only to select maybe a handful. All in all , a fabulous day with the dream team ; ). Did I mention I designed the makeup look?
Peace : )

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